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Bun Boi arts

Artist, Voice Actor, D&D Nerd


Welcome to the Bun Boi Bio friendo!

I'm Bun Boi creator of Bun Boi Arts. Thanks for visiting my website!

Bun Boi Arts was launched on January 20th, 2019. My goal was to create an Arts page where I would create D&D drawings, fan art, workshop my animation and build myself up as a voice actor.


Practicing animation, comics, and doodles are only the beginning of the wild ideas and vision I have for Bun Boi Arts.


The goal of Bun Boi Arts is to create comics, commissions and entertainment that all can enjoy no matter what. Each comic is crafted with joy shoved into every panel, every commission is given two base coats of love, and every voice line is spoken with heart. Also things get cheesy around here.

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Edmonton AB, Canada

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