Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no vision for my commission?

That's okay! Tell me things you generally like, hope to see and I'll take that freedom to make you something. Whatever details I am given will be what I use. Feel free to use my contact form so we can get started!

Can I send you another artist's work as inspiration for my commission?

Absolutely. The intention of the artwork is not to recreate it as I like to create unique art that represents my style of work, but having a solid art refIerence is good. Seeing these pictures can also help me to see what you are envisioning so I can create a work that you truly love.

Do you provide group discounts?

Aside from Bundles, no. However anyone subscribed to me on twitch receives a 5% discount while subscribed with proof.

Can you send me physical prints?

Currently I don't have the means for printing, but I am looking at providing that. All my work is digital currently.


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